Leaving the Islamic State – Life back in Germany

Jun 14, 2023 | Religion, Social, Travel, Videos

Leonora’s story is one of heartbreak, radicalization, and ultimately, hope. The young woman had a plan – to travel to Syria and marry an IS fighter she’d never met. Despite her family’s objections, she executed her plan with precision, but what followed was not the life she had imagined. Years of horror and a life-and-death struggle as an IS bride left her father fighting for her life and in touch with people he never thought he would be. Her story, one that haunts her to this day, is a moving testament to how one person’s choices can affect an entire family.
After seven years, Leonora finally returned to Germany, but her struggles were far from over. Adjusting to a world that had moved on without her, dealing with trauma nobody else could fully understand, and facing a justice system that would put her on trial was a monumental challenge. The team of reporters who documented her journey tell a gripping story of guilt, blame, and the search for second chances that will leave you captivated until the very end.”

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David B