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Dec 4, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

In central Benin, the dry season is presenting more and more challenges to traditional herders such as Boube. As the climate continues to change, harsher conditions force herders to migrate with their livestock in search of food and water. These migrations create tension between herders and farmers as they struggle over scarce resources.

The situation for herder Boube is especially dire; at this time of year he worries about conflicts over access to water and space. The parched soil only exacerbates these issues, driving the competition between two already vulnerable groups. Without enough sustenance, both are forced to survive on whatever resources they can find.

The documentary “Backbone of Herders” follows Boube and his family through this turbulent period and sheds light on the struggles they face every day during the dry season. Through interviews with members of the community, viewers join Boube in his journey and bear witness to what has become a part of life in many areas around Benin; a fight for survival against a changing climate.

The documentary highlights how challenging this nomadic lifestyle can be while offering insight into how climate change can affect an entire community. With stunning cinematography capturing Benin’s beautiful but harsh landscapes, “Backbone of Herders” captures both its subject’s resilience and vulnerability as they cope with an ever-evolving environment. In order to gain a greater understanding of those affected by climate change, we implore you watch “Backbone of Herders” and follow along on Boube’s journey as he navigates an increasingly difficult dry season each year.

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