League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis

Dec 1, 2023 | Health, Sports, Videos

For decades, the Pittsburgh Steelers have inspired a hard-hitting, gritty mentality in their devoted fans. Led by Iron Mike Webster – Hall of Fame center and four-time Super Bowl champion – Pittsburgh was an iconic example of resilience and determination. But when Webster died at the age of 50, it started a chain of events that would forever change the way Americans viewed football.

What started with an autopsy quickly revealed the effects of 17 years spent in the football wars: broken vertebrae, torn rotator cuffs, herniated disks, and separated shoulders. But what Bennet Omalu could not see was the hidden evidence of chronic disease inside Webster’s brain. His findings launched an investigation into whether or not the NFL had known about potential long-term brain injuries for players – and if they had tried to cover it up.

FRONTLINE has since released a two-hour documentary giving an in-depth look at this troubling story behind America’s favorite pastime. Through exclusive interviews with key players, archival footage, never-before seen documents, and cinematic recreations, they explore what exactly happened within one of America’s most beloved institutions. If you are curious to learn more about this important issue and its implications on our society today – don’t miss FRONTLINE’s investigation into The NFL’s Brain Injury Crisis; an essential viewing for any sports fan or observer of American culture.

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David B