Laughing With Hitler

Nov 30, 2023 | History, Military/War, Videos

The Third Reich’s clampdown on satire and comedians of “undesirable” sorts is examined in this hard-hitting documentary. Though much of the human cost of World War II tends to overshadow it, this film sheds light on how satire was initially encouraged by Hitler as he rose to power, only for those deemed “subversive” to face stiff punishments if jokes were made at his expense.

This phenomenon is explored through interviews and recollections from people who experienced it first-hand in Nazi Germany, where comedians were sentenced to hard labour in camps or even worse. Their testimonies illustrate the oppressive atmosphere that had saturated the streets and silenced those brave enough to make such jokes.

Gallows humour was also present among German civilians as they faced bombardments and other hardships associated with war. To bring these stories of dark comedy back to life, two German comedians recreate the jokes for viewers in this documentary. As a consequence, viewers can gain insight into both a chilling period in history and one of its silver linings – humour as a coping mechanism for those struggling under Nazi rule.

This documentary brilliantly portrays how laughter could be found even in wartime adversity. If you’re looking for an important history lesson delivered with humour and wit, then don’t miss out on this must-watch piece!

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David B