Last Days on Earth The End of The World!

Jan 22, 2023 | Science, Strange, Videos

What would you do if you found out that tomorrow might be the last day on Earth? We’ve been given this gift of this planet to live on, and so far, whether we appreciate it or not is debatable.

Now try to think about it this way, we, humans, are just one of the billions of life forms that have lived and are still living on Earth. We have been lucky to call this planet home, but that luck might soon ran out. To put it into perspective, almost 99% of the species that have existed on Earth, are now extinct. Their similarity: nobody saw it coming, and by the time they knew, it was too late.

In this documentary, several people from science are discussing what can happen that will bring the end to Earth. From supervulcano, to meteors and radiation powers beyond our knowledge, it is scary and spooky to think that we might encounter something that we cannot fight against.

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Riyan H.