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May 25, 2023 | Technology, Videos

When it comes to emergencies, quality matters most. The vehicles used to respond to such situations must be reliable, efficient, and of top-notch quality. And, when it comes to fire trucks, one name stands out: Pierce Manufacturing.
Based in Wisconsin, USA, Pierce Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of fire trucks in the world. Every year, they build around 1,400 trucks, each of which is one of a kind with customers choosing all the details, from the first sketch on the 3D model to the finished truck.
More than 13,000 components, most of which are crafted by hand, come together to create unique fire-fighting vehicles. Even the lettering and coats of arms are the result of Pierce’s manual work with brushes and genuine gold leaf. All this is only possible with a lot of experience. The three thousand employees have an average of twelve years of professional experience.
The demands placed on a fire-fighting truck are correspondingly high. Heavy as a truck, it must nevertheless be extremely maneuverable and fast.
The production of a popular Enforcer fire truck is a spectacle worth watching. The process starts with the construction of the chassis, followed by the installation of a mega-frame and a cab equipped with lots of high-tech, a high-performance water pump, and a gigantic ladder.
One of the highlights of the production process is the assembly of the TAK4 wheel axle. Developed in the military sector, it enables cornering at top speed without tipping over.
After approximately three months of production, the final product is a unique fire-fighting vehicle, which has undergone a nerve-wracking finale: the installation of a gigantic 33-meter turntable ladder on the roof. Using two crane winches, the workers have to install the component, which weighs tons, with millimetre precision. The final inspection shows whether the installation was successful. Then the customer receives their very own personal emergency vehicle.
The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Pierce fire truck made is phenomenal. It’s a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in engineering and craftsmanship. You can watch it to see the impressive process firsthand and appreciate the dedicated workers and their craftsmanship.

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