Know your Mushrooms (2008)

Nov 28, 2023 | Environmental, Science, Videos

Fungi are some of the most extraordinary and miraculous organisms to have ever existed on Earth. From being the oldest and largest living organisms known to us, they are also capable of offering immense solutions to our environmental issues. Ron Mann’s documentary delves into the near-secret world of these fungi. With the help of visionaries like Gary Lincoff and Larry Evans, who lead us on a hunt for them in the wild, we come to understand their importance in our lives.

The documentary features an exploration of both our cultural understanding of fungi and their various environmental applications. For instance, fungi can be used to cleanse sites that have been contaminated by toxins, as well as act as a “clean” pesticide. The film then follows this up with animation and archival footage all backed by a neo-psychedelic soundtrack from The Flaming Lips.

The adventure set out in this documentary is certainly worth taking – an enlightening journey through perception that promises to challenge the boundaries between science and culture while still delighting viewers with its visuals and music alike. If you’re looking for an inspiring story about how fungi can make a positive change in our world, then this documentary is for you!

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David B