Killer in the Woods

Nov 26, 2023 | Crime, Videos

John Taylor was a serial killer with an insatiable appetite for control and death. Since he was a young man, he had an obsession with the woods – this is where he took pleasure in utilising his violent nature.

He was known to take unsuspecting women into the woods, often giving them promises of safety and security before killing them and leaving their bodies to be found by those searching for them. For years he roamed the forests of his hometown, lurking in the shadows to prey on submissive targets that were unaware of his capabilities.

What makes John Taylor so unique is not only his murderous nature but the lengths to which he went in order to carry out his crimes. He would watch from a distance, select his victims carefully and then use fear tactics to gain control over them before finally executing them in cold blood. His methods were so precise that some of his victims were discovered with deep lacerations around their necks after being strangled or stabbed postmortem by Taylor himself.

This story has been captured in a documentary that follows John Taylor’s life from start to finish, as well as providing insight into the mind of a serial killer. From previously unreleased audio and video footage, you will be able to explore why John Taylor chose certain victims and how he managed to stay one step ahead of law enforcement for many years without being caught.

The documentary “John Taylor: The Woods Killer” provides an intriguing look into one of America’s most prolific serial killers, unravelling the complex web behind each attack and exploring how one man’s obsession can lead him down such a cruel path. It is truly an eye-opening experience that will leave viewers with plenty to think about afterward. So don’t miss this incredible documentary – watch it today!

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David B