Kenya: Protect Animals, or Humans?

Sep 23, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, People, Videos

In Kenya, human-wildlife conflict is becoming increasingly common. As the human population grows and development pushes further into rural areas, the competition for space and resources is putting wildlife and people at odds. This conflict has resulted in serious consequences such as decreased access to water, destruction of habitat, reduced crop yields, loss of livestock, property damage due to wild animals, and even human injury and death.

The impacts of human-wildlife conflict are felt most acutely by small-scale farmers who live in remote areas near protected wildlife parks or reserves. These communities lack the means to keep their land secure from wild animals or properly manage shared resources like water. In addition to this, they often have limited access to information about conservation efforts or how best to coexist with wildlife.

Fortunately, there is a documentary that explores this complex issue and provides important insights into how we can better understand and manage the challenges of human-wildlife conflict in Kenya. The film follows a group of Kenyan farmers who have taken innovative steps towards protecting their homes while supporting local wildlife populations. With interviews from experts on both sides of the debate as well as stunning visuals of the Kenyan landscape, this documentary allows viewers to experience firsthand the realities faced by rural communities living with wild animals on their doorstep.

By watching this documentary, viewers will gain a better understanding of the complexities surrounding human-wildlife conflict in Kenya and how we can all work together towards more peaceful coexistence between people and animals. So if you’re interested in learning more about how humans can successfully share land with wildlife, then be sure to watch this important film!

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David B