Keep The Coast On Your Left – Kayaking From LA to Tijuana

Nov 5, 2022 | Activism, Environmental, Nature, Videos

People try to raise awareness in a different way. We all have our ways for raising awareness. Some organize public events. Some make donations. And some go on a trip.

Andrew Szabo decided to go on a trip. His goal was to organize a solo kayak trip from Los Angeles to Tijuana. The trip took him 10 days. And the best part is, he is not even a professional kayaker.

As a novice kayaker he managed to finish the 200 mile journey in 10 days. His goal? Raise awareness about tuna overfishing and the destruction of our oceans.

The documentary features extracts from his trip, as well as his personal view on matters. But most importantly, it features some discussions and interviews with regular people. For example, he tries to explain overfishing to five-year olds. And they understand it perfectly. What do you do to raise awareness for something? And how eco-friendly are you?

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Riyan H.