Katja’s corona diary

Dec 10, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

Katja Alekseev has a condition that causes her muscles to waste away–an affliction that also affects her breathing, placing her squarely in a high-risk category. With the ongoing pandemic, the coronavirus looms as an ever-present and potentially lethal threat. For this 30-year-old Cologne resident, the prospect of infection triggers panic attacks that interfere with her daily life. Even so, she can’t isolate herself entirely because she relies on assistants to manage her daily routines. She can’t avoid contact with them, so the risk remains ever-present.
For several weeks, Katja invited filmmakers to chronicle her life with documentary footage. She wanted to reveal the fears and concerns that dominate her daily existence, sharing her story with the world. Through video diaries and interviews, the filmmakers followed her struggle to cope as she balances survival with dignity. Strong-willed and determined, Katja Alekseev is a portrait of grace under pressure, exemplifying the human spirit’s resilience, even in the face of dire circumstances.

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David B