KATIE’S REVENGE – The Gutwrenching Katie Collman Case

Jun 24, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Katie Collman, a beloved and helpful ten-year-old girl from the small town of Crothersville, Indiana, was excitedly looking forward to a pyjama party that was scheduled for the following day. On that fateful evening in January 2005, Katie’s mother asked her to walk to the local Dollar General store for some toilet paper – an errand that should only have taken a block and a half. Little did anyone know that this mundane task would end in tragedy.

The story of Katie Collman is one of sadness and loss – but also one of hope and resilience. In this documentary we examine the events surrounding Katie’s disappearance as well as the people involved: Anthony Stockelman, Charles or “Chuckie” Hickman, and Timothy C. O’Sullivan. Through interviews with family members and friends of these individuals, as well as archival footage and eyewitness accounts from the time of Katie’s disappearance, viewers will get an intimate look into what happened on that fateful day in January 2005.

This documentary offers viewers more than just an examination of events. It is a chance to connect with the people behind this heartbreaking story – to hear their perspectives, share in their pain and ultimately join them in celebrating Katie Collman’s life and legacy. Through this powerful documentary you can bear witness to true strength in sorrowful times while gaining insight into how those affected by tragedy can come together through understanding and compassion.

We invite you to watch this fascinating documentary about Katie Collman’s story – an inspiring tale of resilience even in times of appalling darkness which serves as a reminder that hope never truly dies.

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David B