Katherine Mary Knight

Nov 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Katherine Mary Knight captivated the world in 2000 when she commited a crime so heinous, it has been immortalized in documentaries and books. On the night of 29 February 2000 in Aberdeen, NSW, Austrailia, Katherine plunged a hunting knife into her partner’s chest and back multiple times before skinning him and placing his head on a plate at the dining table.

This gruesome murder has become one of the most iconic crimes of all-time. It has been examined in various documentaries and books such as “The Cutest Killers” by Emma Quay, where details about Katherine’s life prior to the murder are explored.

What drove Katherine to commit such a monstrous act? The documentary attempts to uncover this mystery by studying her childhood traumas, her difficult family life and her abusive relationship with John Price. A pattern of violence emerges throughout Billy’s life that paints an even more disturbing picture behind why she would resort to such brutality.

The documentary dives deep into Katherine’s psyche and analyses various aspects of her character to gain insight into how domestic violence can lead an individual down such a dark path. By looking at the key elements of Katherine’s history – from her childhood experiences up until the fateful night – viewers are able to piece together the puzzle that is this tragic case.

For anyone interested in understanding what can drive an individual to commit such atrocious acts, then watching “The Cutest Killers” is essential viewing. With interviews with psychiatric professionals as well as those who knew Katherine personally, this is sure to be both an educational and engaging experience for anyone looking for answers within this case that has baffled many for over two decades now.

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