Karl Lagerfeld – German fashion designer and icon

Jun 19, 2023 | People, Videos

If you’re interested in uncovering the man behind the mask, the documentary “Karl Lagerfeld – Unmistakable” should definitely be on your watchlist. Released in 2015, the film takes the viewer on a behind-the-scenes journey into Lagerfeld’s frenetic life, from exhibition openings to prepping fashion shows and photo shoots.
While the documentary’s first-hand account of the fashion icon’s daily routine is fascinating, it’s Lagerfeld’s candid commentary that truly steals the show. Known for his caustic and often controversial remarks, Lagerfeld doesn’t hold back in opening up about his privileged upbringing, his early years in the fashion industry, his creative process, and his various artistic pursuits. Through engaging interviews, archival footage, photos, and illustrations, “Karl Lagerfeld – Unmistakable” provides a comprehensive and intimate look into the life and work of one of fashion’s most iconic and enigmatic figures.

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David B