Just Melvin, Just Evil

Mar 24, 2024 | Crime, Videos

The harrowing documentary Just Melvin, Just Evil tells the deeply disturbing tale of the tormented family of Melvin Just, a man who seemed to embody all that is evil. Over four generations of his family, Melvin Just subjected them to unimaginable horrors – sexual abuse, substance abuse, neglect and violence.

This heartbreaking story was finally made public by James Ronald Whitney, a member of the family who not only survived the ordeal but also had the courage to use this documentary as a form of catharsis for himself and his relatives. Through the film’s exploration into their experiences at Just’s hands, some even admitting to being aware of a murder he committed in order to keep his crimes hidden, it paints an unforgettable portrait of immense suffering inflicted upon one family over many years.

Just Melvin, Just Evil is an intense viewing experience that will stay with you long after watching it. It is a stark reminder that evil can exist in any corner of life and should be taken seriously before its destructiveness spreads. This gripping yet heartbreaking documentary is essential viewing for anyone wanting to truly understand how evil can devastate lives on such a large scale. Don’t miss this powerful film – it’s easily one of the best documentaries ever made about an unthinkable reality.

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David B