Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey

Mar 22, 2024 | Science, Videos

The documentary Migration: Tracing the Human Journey is a fascinating exploration of our shared human ancestry. Led by renowned geneticist and enthusiastic host Spencer Wells, the documentary takes viewers on an incredible journey around the world as we delve into the deepest roots of our species.

Through carefully collected DNA samples from indigenous people across the globe, Wells and his team build a detailed family tree—which is full of unexpected revelations. From Indiana Jones-style expeditions to surprise discoveries, this documentary walks us through every step in piecing together our collective history.

The film allows us to share in the reactions of its subjects when they learn about their lineage and ancestors from thousands of years ago. Through interviews with far-flung tribes, we get a deeper understanding of how different cultures interpret their own history and connection to our shared past.

Migration: Tracing the Human Journey is an essential watch for anyone interested in discovering their own origins or learning more about global migration patterns over time. With captivating visuals, enthralling stories, and leading scientific insights, this documentary will leave you with a greater appreciation for humanity’s shared story and our common bonds as members of one big family.

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David B