Jordan Maxwell – The Queen of England Exposed

Jul 23, 2022 | Conspiracy, Strange, Videos

Jordan Maxwell is a controversial figure to say the least. An author of several books and interviews, he is constantly working to promoting New World Order conspiracies.

One of the central aspects of his books and interviews is “who really runs the Illuminati, the New World Order, the United States of America” and so on. He explores business and family ties among the elite businessmen and international ties that work together.

In his “The Queen of England Exposed” video, Maxwell breaks down freemasonry, occult forces and secret societies. You can choose to believe his conspiracies that secret societies rule the world and our planet, or you can choose to dismiss his claims.

But in any case, a controversial character as Jordan deserves for his work to be seen and discussed by the public. And at the end, that is the whole point of it, to discuss his claims.

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Riyan H.