Joan of Arc: God’s Warrior

Nov 21, 2023 | History, Videos

On the 8th of May 1429, the town of Orlean in France found liberation from its seven-month siege by the English. It was a miracle led by a mere 17-year-old peasant girl named Joan, an extraordinary figure who defied social conventions that suggested women were unable to fight and lead armies.

Joan’s story is a testament to the power of faith to drive people to do extraordinary things. In her world, God and Satan were both real and anything was possible. But how did such a young woman come to lead an army in battle?

In 1425, Joan began hearing voices from God, telling her go help Charles VII regain his throne and free France from English rule. Deeply religious and immensely brave, Joan obeyed these instructions and eventually convinced Charles’ courtiers she could be trusted with leading their troops into battle.

While the French soldiers were initially skeptical about being led by this young girl, they soon came to treat her as their leader and followed her orders without hesitation. With divine inspiration guiding her every move, Joan fought multiple battles against the English forces before finally liberating Orlean on 8th May 1429 – an event which would come to be known as ‘The Miracle of Orlean’.

Following this historic event, Joan continued her heroic campaigns for another year until she was captured by the English during a battle near Compiegne in 1430. Despite being held prisoner for three years, Joan never renounced her faith or leadership role with the French army before she was tragically executed in Rouen at just 19 years old.

This remarkable story has been documented in numerous books over the centuries but now you can get an even more accurate account of it with the new documentary ‘The Miracle Of Orlean’. Through interviews with historians and experts on medieval warfare this film paints a vivid picture of how Joan managed to accomplish such feats despite overwhelming odds stacked against her. The film also offers unique insight into what drove her to make such courageous decisions and why she ultimately became one of history’s greatest martyrs for freedom. So don’t miss your chance – watch ‘The Miracle Of Orlean’ today!

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