Jiro’s Dream of Sushi

Feb 16, 2023 | Food/Drink, Lifestyle, Philosophy, Videos

Following the life of Jiro Ono, the movie describes the perfection this 80+ man has for making sushi. Jiro Ono is a sushi master and owner of a Michelin three-star restaurant in Tokyo. The restaurant is one of the best known sushi restaurants around the world.

The documentary follows his dreams, his passion, and his ongoing quest to perfect the art of sushi. Everyone have to follow the high standards he has for making sushi. Think of him as Gordon Ramsey in the sushi world.

The movie also features his two sons, both of whom are sushi chefs. The elder son is obliged to succeed his father.

But the documentary is more than just a sushi documentary. You will just found yourself drawn into the mystery of Jiro Ono. The thought of spending your entire life working at just one occupation and love, is that enough? During his long years as a sushi master, he knows and notices basically everything.

For example, he knows his staff recently started massaging an octopus for 45 minutes, and not 30 minutes, for example. His biggest regret, however, is that there will never be four stars.

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Riyan H.