Jimi Hendrix: His Final 24 Hours

Nov 20, 2023 | Music, Videos

Jimi Hendrix: His Final 24 Hours is an explosive documentary that unravels the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. On September 18th 1970, a small private hotel in Notting Hill played host to one of the most shocking events in rock history – the tragically early passing of Jimi Hendrix.

For decades, Jimi’s sudden death has been shrouded in myths, rumours and falsehoods. The authorities and media quickly dismissed his death as yet another “drugged up rock star casualty”, yet it wasn’t until recently that new evidence has surfaced which could potentially reopen the inquiry into what really happened on that fateful September day.

Jimi Hendrix: His Final 24 Hours is an investigative documentary revealing what may have been a convenient death for many involved. Drawing on previously undisclosed information, this film presents compelling evidence that could change our entire perception of this tragedy and possibly reopen the case. With interviews from those closest to Jimi, especially Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Mason and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones who were both present at his apartment on the day of his death, this haunting documentary offers viewers a unique insight into one of rock’s biggest mysteries.

From its gripping analysis into who stood to gain from Jimi’s death to its exploration into why the circumstances leading to his demise were so quickly dismissed by authorities and media, this insightful documentary makes for an important watch. It will leave you with more questions than answers as it challenges long-held assumptions about what really happened to one of music’s greatest talents.

The details offered in this film are certain to draw your attention and may be powerful enough to convince anyone that we haven’t heard everything there is about Jimi Hendrix’s final 24 hours – making this documentary essential viewing for any fan or follower of his legacy. So do yourself a favour and get ready for some truly mind-blowing revelations as you delve deep into one of Rock’s darkest chapters with Jimi Hendrix: His Final 24 Hours!

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