Jihad: A Story of the Others, a documentary directed by Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan, examines the motivations behind individuals giving up their lives to pursue religious extremism. Delving into her own personal narrative of having been threatened by extremists in the past, Khan gives an inside look at a struggle for identity and possession over faith that many face in today’s world.

In a world where religion is increasingly becoming a source of conflict and division, Jihad: A Story of the Others highlights how extremism can arise out of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of religion itself. Through extensive interviews with those who have had first-hand experience with religious extremism, this documentary provides an intimate account of what it means for individuals to confront these pressures and ideologies head-on. On top of this, it reveals how forms of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim prejudice play major roles in creating the conditions necessary for extremist beliefs to form in the first place.

By weighing both sides of this complex issue, Jihad: A Story of the Others helps to develop understanding between those affected by it. It also provides viewers with greater insight into why certain choices are made—and why they should never be ignored or overlooked. For anyone looking for a way to better comprehend the challenges faced by people on either side of these issues, this documentary stands as an essential resource.

For all its gravity and severity, Jihad: A Story of the Others ultimately serves as a call