Jewish Scandal: Ultra-Orthodox Family Breaks Code of Silence

May 24, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In Code of Silence, a powerful and tightly-knit Jerusalem community is forced to reckon with one of its most well-kept secrets. Manny, a former Orthodox student, breaks the code of silence and publicly reveals that he was abused, launching a crusade for justice that threatens to tear his family and community apart. Against the backdrop of Jerusalem’s insular world of tradition and faith, Code of Silence follows the parallel journeys of Manny and his fervently Orthodox father, Zephaniah, as they battle to hold the rabbis and perpetrators accountable.
As father and son join forces to seek justice in a secular court of law, they find themselves on the fringe of Jerusalem’s powerful Jewish community- virtually excommunicated for breaking ancient Jewish laws forbidding informing secular authorities about other Jews. But their battle for justice continues. Will Manny be able to hold the perpetrators and powerful rabbis accountable for what they have done? Or will he be forced to suffer in silence as the powers that be remain untouched? Find out in Code of Silence.

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David B