Japan’s super volunteer

Oct 16, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Haruo Obata, an 80-year-old from Japan, is renowned for his tireless efforts as a volunteer. From assisting with relief efforts after a devastating tsunami in 2011 to collecting plastic garbage on beaches, he’s always there to offer a helping hand. Despite putting in countless hours to make a difference, he believes that being there for others gives life purpose.
After retiring just before the tsunami hit, Haruo spent over a year living in his car and lending aid where it was most needed. While his commitment to volunteering caused him to lose his marriage, Mr. Obata is still content with his decision. Alongside his work, he shares his life philosophy with young children and spends time at a local retirement home. His non-conformist approach to life, unique fashion sense, and boisterous laugh have turned him into a local hero in a country known for conformity. Spend a few days with Uwe Schwering and see Haruo Obata’s story unfold.

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