James Burke Connections

Nov 14, 2023 | Science, Videos


Connections, the ten-episode documentary television series created by science historian James Burke, is a comprehensive look into the history of scientific discoveries, inventions, and world events. From the production and direction of Mick Jackson from the BBC Science & Features Department, this series first aired in 1978 in the UK and 1979 in the US.

The show provides an interdisciplinary look at how various accomplishments have built on one another to bring about modern technology. With James Burke’s vivid description of events and his signature dry humour, historical reenactments, and intricate working models, Connections is an educational experience that will leave viewers astounded.

What makes this series unique is its ability to bridge together seemingly unrelated moments in history to create an intricate picture of our current technological landscape. Through its use of visuals and narration, Connections paints a complete picture for viewers demonstrating how our world was shaped by ideas refined over centuries.

For those interested in learning more about the evolution of science and technology then Connections is a must watch series! Not only does it provide an entertaining exploration into our past but it also acts as a reminder of how far we’ve come as a species thanks to generations of pioneering thinkers. By understanding our history we can continue building towards what comes next for us all!

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David B