Jailed for a Knife

Nov 14, 2023 | Crime, Videos

In this Panorama special, reporter Raphael Rowe investigates the alarming increase in stabbings across the United Kingdom. Through interviews with five young men serving sentences for wounding and even killing using a knife, we gain a unique insight into their lives and motivations.

All of the men interviewed had carried knives for their own protection, believing that it made them feel safer against the threat of violence prevalent in their communities. However, none of them had been threatened with a knife when they committed assault. It is clear that they gave little thought to the potentially catastrophic consequences of carrying a knife – either to themselves or to others – and felt that it was worth the risk.

This documentary provides an invaluable understanding of why some young people are prepared to take such risks, as well as exploring solutions to reduce the number of stabbings in our society. With an honest and gripping look at some of Britain’s most pressing problems, this documentary is sure to be both educational and captivating. We invite you to watch this production as it encourages us all to think about how best we can protect our communities from violence and prevent its tragic outcomes.

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David B