Jackson: A City in Crisis

Jul 29, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi, is in a state of emergency due to its ongoing water crisis. Citizens are being informed to boil their water before use due to lack of pressure or contamination. This latest scandal has come as a devastating blow for many locals, who have seen their economy rapidly decline, businesses close and graduates leave for other cities. The resulting political divisions among the city’s citizens only exacerbate the situation.

The documentary “Troubled Water: Jackson’s Water Crisis” provides an eye-opening look at the dire predicament facing citizens in Jackson. Directed by Chris Moore and Andrea Torrence and produced by Moore Media Group, it follows several families and organizations as they struggle to secure clean drinking water for everyone in the city. The film examines how long-term structural inequalities deeply affect access to resources and quality of life for Jackson’s marginalized communities. Additionally, it features interviews with local politicians who offer unique perspectives on how the crisis can be addressed equitably.

The documentary is an important reminder of the need for decisive actions to address long-standing issues related to potable water access and distribution in Jackson and beyond. It highlights how economic, political and environmental forces intersect with everyday life in communities around the country that disproportionately suffer from unequal access to resources like clean drinking water. In addition to drawing attention to this issue, “Troubled Water” provides insight into how grassroots organizing can help create meaningful change in these neighborhoods.

Ultimately, this heartbreaking yet inspirational film serves as an urgent call to action for viewers everywhere who care about equality and social justice. Anyone interested in helping bring positive change should watch “Troubled Water: Jackson’s Water Crisis” today!

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David B