Jack the Ripper: Unmasking the Ripper

Mar 14, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Jack the Ripper is one of the most notorious serial killers in history, and even after over 130 years, continues to fascinate people across the world. His identity has been a mystery since the late 1880s when he terrorized the impoverished neighborhoods of Whitechapel in London with his gruesome killings. As of today, no one knows who Jack the Ripper was but theories and speculation about his identity are still rampant.

Recently, a new book by author Patricia Cornwell claims that renowned artist Walter Sickert was Jack the Ripper. Although many experts dismiss Sickert as a suspect, given that he was out of the country at the time of some of the murders, Cornwell’s book puts this theory to test through handwriting analysis and modern DNA analysis. In order to further explore her theory and answer some of the most intriguing questions about this unsolved case, a documentary featuring animation, CGI, and special effects was created to lead viewers through an investigation into Walter Sickert’s possible connection to Jack the Ripper.

This documentary is sure to captivate viewers with its fascinating exploration into one of history’s greatest mysteries. It takes us through meticulous analyses of evidence and offers insight into what could be true about Jack The Ripper’s identity – all while exploring some of today’s most provocative scientific questions. If you want to be captivated by an entertaining and informative exploration into one of history’s greatest mysteries then watch this documentary!

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David B