Italian Populism

Jun 8, 2023 | Media, Political, Social, Videos

From the ancient Roman Empire to modern times, Italy has long been a major player on the political stage of Europe. For many, it is the cradle of populism in the continent. A documentary recently released by France 24 looks into this phenomenon and sheds new light on the political history of Italy.

The documentary features renowned French professor Marc Lazar, who is an authority on Italian history and politics. Professor Lazar examines how populism has become part of Italy’s political culture since the late 19th century when Mussolini’s Fascist party rose to power. He also delves into the roots of Italy’s current populist surge with a particular focus on Silvio Berlusconi’s meteoric rise during the 1990s.

The documentary provides unique insights into Italian politics and serves as an important reminder of why populism continues to be a powerful tool in Italian elections today. It covers topics such as immigration, inequality, and economic policies that have shaped modern-day Italy and explains why these issues are so heavily politicized within the country. The film also discusses how populism has been used as both a tool for progress as well as a source of division throughout history in Italy.

For anyone interested in learning more about populism in Europe or understanding current events in Italy, this documentary is an essential watch. Featuring captivating interviews with Professor Lazar and several other prominent experts, it paints a vivid picture of how populism has evolved over time in Italy and offers interesting perspectives on its role today. Be sure to tune in to France 24 for this thought-provoking look at one of Europe’s most contentious issues!

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David B