Israel : Dream of the Future

Jul 27, 2023 | Animals, Military/War, Religion, Travel, Videos

Israel is a small nation with a big heart, located in the Near East. Its people have had to fight for its existence since its inception; however, this has not hindered its progress and development. The country’s rich history has seen it become a crossroads of major civilizations, religions and cultures, connecting the European, Arabic and Asian worlds.

Pierre Brouwers’ documentary ‘Israel: A Journey Through Time’ takes viewers on an incredible journey through the many facets of this extraordinary place. From Tel Aviv to Jaffa, Herzliya to Rehevot and the Weizmann Institute; from Caesarea to Haifa, Saint-John of Acre (Akko) to Lake of Tiberiade; from Golan wine to Nazareth; not forgetting Bet She’an, The Dead Sea and the Kibbutz and Natural Reserve of Ein Gedi; Massada in Neguev; biblical animals in Eilat; aerial views en route to Jerusalem – this documentary captures it all.

The beauty of Israel lies in its vibrant culture – brought alive through intense immigration over generations – as well as its strong sense of preserving the past while striving towards a hopeful future. This documentary shines a light on these aspects of life within Israel, allowing viewers access into a world that is both captivating yet accessible.

For those interested in getting an insight into one of the most interesting regions on Earth, ‘Israel: A Journey Through Time’ is an ideal starting point. The film captures all the nuances that makes this land unique – something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. So don’t miss out! Make sure you watch Pierre Brouwers’ documentary today!

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David B