Israel: Breaking the Silence

Aug 20, 2023 | Military/War, People, Social, Videos

Breaking the Silence” is one of the most controversial organizations in Israel. Its members compile testimony from Israeli troops who’ve served in the Occupied Territories. This group strives to reveal the truth about the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. But, many in Israel consider them traitors. Current- and former IDF soldiers who’ve joined the organization “Breaking the Silence” has accused of spreading lies, and damaging Israel’s reputation.
The members of the group, who are Israeli military veterans, share their experiences serving in the Occupied Territories. They uncover their feelings about the impact of the Israeli military’s actions on the civilians’ lives. This compelling, controversial, and thought-provoking documentary takes an unprecedented look at what actually happened on the ground. It challenges viewers to question their beliefs, discover the reality of war and the consequences of military occupation.

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David B