Isle of Man TT: A Dangerous Addiction

Nov 12, 2023 | Sports, Videos

Every year, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts make the three-hour journey to the Isle of Man, an isolated British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea. For nearly 105 years, these brave riders have been participating in what is considered to be the world’s most dangerous race: The Isle of Man TT.

This treacherous course has taken more than 250 lives and claimed almost 150 riders since its inception. Yet despite this high risk factor, more and more motorcycle lovers are drawn to the event—perhaps due to a fatal attraction or sense of adventure.

These racers are mainly amateurs who don’t have access to Grand Prix level budgets. Participating in the event can become quite expensive due to travel expenses, equipment needs, and other costs associated with competing in such a high-stakes environment.

Do you have what it takes to witness this annual motorcycles spectacular? An amazing documentary will give you insight into this incredible event that puts both rider and machine against the elements for an intense three weeks on the island. While watching it may not give you a full understanding of the risks involved in racing at such death-defying heights, it will surely inspire you with awe for those who do participate in this incredible event each year!

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David B