Is tourism harming Venice?

May 30, 2023 | People, Social, Travel, Videos

The tranquil and picturesque city of Venice, Italy, is under siege. Mass tourism, with its hordes of visitors and infrastructure demands, has taken its toll on the city’s remaining residents. Venice sees an influx of up to 130 thousand tourists a day, overwhelming the city’s resources, and leaving locals feeling disconnected and marginalized.
The situation is dire, with rent skyrocketing, and businesses catering almost exclusively to tourists. The local government’s inability to balance the needs of the residents and the ever-increasing demand of tourism is threatening the city’s very existence. Against this backdrop, a groundswell of local initiatives has taken shape to stem the tides of mass tourism. The fight for the future of Venice continues in earnest as a documentary delves deeper into this historic city’s struggles to stay afloat in turbulent times.

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David B