Is bioplastic the „better“ plastic?

Jun 13, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Bioplastics have been hailed as the “better” plastic of the future: biodegradable, eco-friendly and just as convenient. But is this really true? For a comprehensive answer to this question, one should consider watching the documentary ‘Plastic Paradise’ – an award-winning film which examines the impact of plastics on our environment.

The documentary examines how plastic is made, what it’s used for and ultimately how it ends up in our oceans and landscapes. It also looks at how bioplastics are marketed as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics, when in fact they may not be any more sustainable than the plastics they are designed to replace.

The documentary features interviews with some of the world’s leading scientists and activists on this topic who provide insight into why bioplastics may not be the panacea we are promised. The filmmakers explore why bioplastics have become widely accepted while their emission potential is still unknown; and demonstrate why relying solely on bioplastics won’t solve the plastic pollution problem.

Ultimately, viewers will gain a better understanding of this complex issue after watching ‘Plastic Paradise’. By educating yourself on this subject through this powerful document, you can become more aware about making decisions that reduce plastic waste. So take a step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle and watch ‘Plastic Paradise’ today!

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David B