Iron Kingdom

Mar 10, 2024 | Religion, Videos

The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary is a small church located in Pennsylvania that has come under intense scrutiny in recent years due to its unusual advocacy of armed militia as a means of achieving ‘God’s kingdom on Earth’. Led by Pastor Sean Moon, the church recently gained attention for conducting blessing ceremonies with AR-15s and bathing religious symbols in firearm paraphernalia following Moon’s epiphany in December 2017.

Pastor Moon’s movement can trace its origins back to his father, who began the initial sect of the church several decades ago in Korea before becoming the target of FBI investigations and allegations of cultism. Through interviews with several members of Moon’s congregation, Iron Kingdom – a documentary about this controversial group – seeks to uncover the truth behind their worldviews and motivations.

The members defend their use of weapons as an expression of faith, arguing that loving one’s neighbour requires protection at any cost. Contrary to what some believe, they refute any suggestion that they are being brainwashed by Pastor Moon or influenced by outside sources. Pastor Moon himself maintains a more measured tone, rejecting claims that he is trying to stoke political tensions while also defending his church against criticism from left-leaning opponents.

Iron Kingdom offers an exclusive insight into the inner workings of this unique but potentially damaging cult through surreal scenes and gripping conversations with those most immersed within it. Viewers are invited to make up their own minds about Pastor Moon and his motives for suddenly embracing gun politics following multiple mass shootings across America. With this documentary now available, audiences have the opportunity to witness first-hand the compelling story behind the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary’s mission while also gaining greater understanding into one of our nation’s most polarizing debates.

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David B