Iraq: When American Troops Withdraw

Dec 5, 2023 | Environmental, History, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Iraq has been in an uncertain state for the past number of years, as the Islamic State continues to make sporadic attacks and Shiite militias cause unrest. The US military has shifted its focus to more of an advice and assist role, which many fear could prove detrimental to Iraqi security. To gain insight into what life is like in Iraq, a documentary was recently released featuring stories from three Iraqi citizens: Hassan, Safaa and Bahaa.

Hassan speaks about how the Islamic State has caused displacement for so many individuals in Iraq, leaving them with no option but to flee their homes in search of safety. He recounts how people have been separated from their families and are living with little-to-no resources; he emphasises that this is a difficult situation that must be addressed soon. Safaa also shares her experience of life under Islamic State occupation and how it has taken away basic rights and freedoms from Iraqi citizens. She expresses her hope that the current unrest will end peacefully, allowing everyone to feel safe again. Finally, Bahaa reflects on his own struggles as a result of the violence inflicted by ISIS; he speaks about losing his home and the difficulty of rebuilding his life after everything was destroyed.

The documentary provides a valuable window into the lives of those affected by war in Iraq, offering viewers a unique perspective on the daily struggles faced by Hassan, Safaa and Bahaa. It sheds light on how conflict affects human lives around the world – not just through statistics or facts but through real-life experiences shared by those who are most impacted by it all. We invite you to watch this eye-opening documentary and learn more about what life is like in Iraq today.

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David B