Iraq – A Sovereign Country?

Jun 1, 2023 | Media, Religion, Videos

In 2022, Iraq will undergo a monumental transformation. With the US-coalition having withdrawn in late 2021, the nation will be tasked with navigating a rapidly evolving geopolitical field. In particular, Iraq must resist foreign influence from neighbouring Iran and protect its fragile democracy. The Kurdish autonomous region of northern Iraq will also face a new set of challenges as it strives to maintain its autonomy and independence.

The situation in Iraq is complex and current trends do not bode well for the future of the country. Iranian-backed militias have grown increasingly powerful since 2006 and are now an integral part of Iraq’s political landscape. This has led to concern over potential Iranian control over key industries such as oil and gas, as well as deeper involvement in Iraqi politics. At the same time, questions continue to linger about the future of the Kurdish autonomous region and whether or not it can realistically remain independent from Baghdad’s rule.

Despite these daunting challenges, there is still hope for Iraq’s future. A recently released documentary “Iraq: Beyond 2022” takes an up close look at how Iraqis are responding to these issues and what lies ahead for their nation over the next decade. Through interviews with prominent politicians, analysts, activists and everyday citizens, this powerful film provides unique insight into what lies ahead for Iraq after the US-coalition withdrawal.

The documentary presents an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Iraqi society and politics today as well as how they may evolve in years to come. For anyone interested in gaining insight into Middle Eastern geopolitics, “Iraq: Beyond 2022” is an essential watch that sheds light on this crucial chapter in world history.

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David B