Iran and America Through History

Mar 10, 2024 | History, Videos

The decades-long enmity between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran has been an ongoing story since the Iranian Revolution of 1979. That year saw Ayatollah Khomeini come to power, deposing the U.S.-supported Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who had been the Shah of Iran for almost 20 years. Since then, Iran’s leaders have regularly chanted “Death to America,” while clarifying that it’s their disdain for U.S. leadership – and not the American people – that motivates this rhetoric. On its side, the U.S. government considers Iran part of an “Axis of Evil” and has instituted several sanctions against it in an attempt to change its policies.

To better understand this dynamic, one must look back at the entire history between these two countries: from historical events, economic sanctions and factors, religious belief and fanaticism to changes in the both countries’ leaderships, as well as geopolitical diplomacy and manipulation. To get a comprehensive understanding of this complex relationship between these two nations – and why they remain estranged – one should watch ‘Divided We Stand’, a documentary that provides insight into all aspects of U.S.-Iran relations over time, from both perspectives: American and Iranian.

Divided We Stand is captivatingly narrated by world-renowned journalist Christiane Amanpour, who interviews key players on either side in conversations that dig deep into issues like: why President Trump pulled out of Obama’s nuclear deal; how does Iranian federalism compare with America’s; how laws regarding nuclear energy differ; what do Iranians think about Holocaust denial; tensions between Saudi Arabia and other regional powers; plus many other topics related to oil control or terrorism allegations – all discussed with empathy yet clarity by fascinating international figures like former US Secretary of State John Kerry or current Nobel Peace Prize nominee Shirin Ebadi in Tehran among others.

Achieving a better mutual understanding is essential if any attempts at long term reconciliation are ever to be made real – Divided We Stand offers viewers an opportunity to explore common ground through remarkable footage and perspectives rarely seen before on television or anywhere else for that matter – offering an unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget!

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David B