Inventions That Changed the World

Dec 6, 2022 | Science, Videos

Inventions That Changed The World is a series hosted by Jemmy Clarkson. It tells us the stories behind some of the most momentous and note-worthy inventions which have helped form the world as we see it today.

The most mundane of our activities and trivial parts of our daily lives are governed by inventions today, ranging from what we wear to the food we eat and our methods of travel; it’s all either been invented or significantly altered by inventions.

But every so often an invention comes along that doesn’t just change the way we do things but changes the world. This series scrutinizes how and why life changing inventions happened in the first place, and also how they created an all encompassing effect influencing other essential inventions in their wake.

Jeremy explains how a lethal weapon such as a gun have influenced in one way or the other, the industrial revolution, the production lines, cowboy films, street lighting, the car exhaust pipe and even the development of trauma medicine. The computer is another such invention without which we couldn’t fly planes, drive cars or even run our dishwashers; The jet is one more such contraption which plays a crucial role in our weather, mass tourism and outbreaks like SARS; The telephone, totally indispensable today, which was invented by mistake by a man trying to make a humming telegraph is one of the biggest inventions given that it led to the birth of the internet. Jeremy unravels how John Logie Baird, a Scotsman, and a 14-year old American Mormon, Philo T Farnsworth helped win the Battle of Britain, by their invention, the Television!

Jeremy intersperses the entire series with his own passionate, amusing and humorous take on some of the inventions and inventors that he considers have helped altered the course of history.

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Riyan H.