Introducing Raynella Leath | “Married to Death”

Sep 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Raynella Leath, a former nursing director and wife of a Knox County District Attorney General, is facing murder charges for the death of her second husband David Leath. In May 2017, she went on trial for the third time in a Tennessee courtroom. The 68-year-old woman has always maintained that her husband had committed suicide.

The case itself has become something of a local legend. It’s an intriguing story about secrets, lies, and betrayal that has piqued the interest of many over the years. For those wanting to know more about what happened that fateful night and Raynella’s journey since then, they can now get the full picture in the “48 Hours” documentary titled “Murder on High Ground: The Raynella Leath Story”.

The documentary follows Erin Moriarty as she investigates the case by conducting interviews with key witnesses; including friends and family members of both Raynella and David. She also takes a close look at all evidence presented in court during previous trials while speaking with experts who could shed light on what might have really taken place that fateful night in 2003.

We follow along as Moriarty takes us through each step of Raynella’s journey to determine whether or not it was a suicide or murder. Along the way, we learn more about who she was before her husband died—an upstanding member of society who was well respected within Knoxville—and how things have changed since then. We also get to explore questions surrounding gender bias and domestic violence throughout this gripping tale.

By watching this documentary, viewers will gain insight into this complex case from all angles involving Raynella’s life—from 2003 to the present day—while attempting to discern what actually happened on that night so many years ago. “Murder on High Ground: The Raynella Leath Story” is sure to leave you debating whether or not justice has been served in this extraordinary case.

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