Interview with a Poltergeist

Oct 2, 2023 | History, Videos

The Enfield Poltergeist is one of the most iconic cases of alleged poltergeist activity to ever occur in Britain. In August 1977, single mother Peggy Hodgson and her four children moved into a small townhouse in the borough of Enfield, England. What happened next would become one of the most famous and mysterious paranormal occurrences of modern times.

For over a year, strange phenomena appeared throughout the house – furniture moved by itself, knockings on walls were heard, and even toys were thrown around by an invisible force. Police officers witnessed some of these events firsthand and signed an affidavit to that effect. Reports of activity drew attention from mediums, reporters, photographers, and even members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). One photographer recalls being hit on the forehead with a Lego brick!

This strange tale has been documented in various books and articles over the years as well as a 2016 documentary film called The Enfield Haunting. This docudrama offers viewers an inside look at what it was like to experience these inexplicable events firsthand. Through interviews with family members, witnesses, and other experts in paranormal research, it pieces together this true story in all its eerie glory.

If you’re looking for a good spooky tale about hauntings that will keep you up at night then The Enfield Haunting is for you! It’s sure to be an unforgettable movie-going experience – so why not sit back and discover the truth behind one of England’s most notorious paranormal stories?

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David B