Inside Saudi Arabia: The People Pushing for Change and Looking for Freedom

Jul 9, 2023 | People, Political, Social, Videos

Inside Saudi Arabia is an informative and all-encompassing documentary that explores the intra-country developments through the eyes of the inhabitants themselves. The country, known for its wealth, strict faith and oppression, is seeking change under the reigns of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. However, the world was shaken by the heinous murder of journalist Khashoggi, and other flaring human rights concerns continue to raise red flags.
The documentary takes a deep dive into the complexity of the ongoing political and social transformations within the country, all while presenting the voices of its people. You’ll be taken through an enlightening journey, observing firsthand perspectives and gaining insights that are usually not available to the outside world. Join Inside Saudi Arabia and explore one of the most controversial countries, its challenges, aspirations, and inner workings.

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David B