Inside Saudi Arabia: How the Elite Blindly Supports the Royal Family |

Jun 25, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Sweeping across the endless sands and ancient cities of Saudi Arabia, this documentary offers a unique glimpse into the life of the country’s enigmatic inhabitants. Follow the tumultuous journey of the people who endure life under the strict rules of tradition and religious obligation.
Painstakingly crafted through the eyes of the inhabitants themselves, the documentary takes viewers up close and personal with the Saudi elite. From the opulent palaces to the birthplace of extremist ideas, uncover the complex web of religion, loyalty, and human rights violations that has made Saudi Arabia a topic of global debate. With exclusive access to the country’s most powerful figures, “Inside Saudi Arabia” tells a gripping story of a country torn between its ancient traditions and modern aspirations, a country that has the world watching its every move.

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David B