Inside Job

Feb 29, 2024 | Economics, Videos

Inside Job is an award-winning documentary from acclaimed director Charles Ferguson which shines a light on the global financial crisis. Accompanied by narration from Matt Damon, the film begins and ends in Iceland, a small European country that was hit hard by the crash. It then goes further to explore the rise of deregulation in the US, tracing back to Reaganomics and Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy. The film dives into conflicts of interest across Wall Street, Washington, and Ivy League institutions which were fueled by Clinton’s encouragement of derivatives.

The documentary also features interviews with authors, bank managers, government ministers, psychotherapists, Eliot Spitzer (the former New York Attorney General), and though many declined to comment like Alan Greenspan. Despite pushing some tough questions to interviewees such as Former Treasury secretary David McCormick and Columbia dean Glenn Hubbard, Charles Ferguson takes a mostly noncombative approach throughout the film – something viewers will appreciate if they’re not fond of Michael Moore’s more confrontational style.

All in all Inside Job provides an insightful look into the modern economy and how it got where it is today. From Iceland’s failed experiment with American-style banking to Obama’s failure to deliver on promised reforms – this documentary offers an educational tour through one of the most complex crises in recent history. If you’re looking for an informative narrative on global finance or just want a better understanding of why our current economic landscape exists then Inside Job is for you!

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David B