Inequality: How Wealth Becomes Power

Feb 24, 2024 | Economics, Videos

Wealth inequality is an issue that has become increasingly prominent in the world today, especially in one of the wealthiest countries – Germany. This divide between the rich and poor has been documented and explored in depth in the documentary Inequality: How Wealth Becomes Power. The film takes a close look at why some attain enormous wealth and influence while others continue to struggle to get by, examining a range of factors that could be playing a role.

The documentary follows Christoph Groner, who rose from relatively humble beginnings working in construction to become a wealthy property developer. His apartments are primarily occupied by outsiders with deep pockets, causing local residents to increasingly be priced out of their homes. Groner defends his position as perfectly legal, but can it really be justified when so many are suffering while he benefits? Other subjects featured in the film have inherited their wealth over centuries, leaving them with immense power and influence – but few understand how they got so well off when so much of society is living in poverty.

Data shows that income gains have overwhelmingly accumulated towards those at the top of the economic ladder. The middle class has officially shrunk, highlighting an unjust system where money only produces more money for those already wealthy – not for those on lower incomes who have seen no wage increases for decades.

Inequality: How Wealth Becomes Power features insights from esteemed economic researchers who diagnose this deeply flawed system and call for change – before it’s too late. It’s important to consider what kind of society we want to be living in and how future generations will be affected by our inaction now. If we don’t take action against these societal issues soon enough, then we could end up facing an even more unfair system than what exists today.

For those looking to learn more about wealth inequality and its implications, Inequality: How Wealth Becomes Power is essential viewing – providing an eye-opening look into this difficult subject matter that should inspire further discussions on how best to tackle it moving forward.

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David B