Indochine: A People’s War in Colour

Nov 2, 2023 | History, Military/War, Videos

The documentary, Freedom’s Voices: Three Wars of the People of South East Asia, is an incredible account of the persistent struggle for self-determination in the region. Spanning three decades and three distinct wars, this remarkable film utilizes never-before-seen colour archive footage to give audiences a uniquely personal glimpse into the lives and struggles of the people who fought for their freedom.

From the long-standing battle between East Timor and Indonesia to the communist insurgency in Malaysia, these resilient people have endured countless hardships in their quest for independence. What makes Freedom’s Voices so compelling is its unfiltered portrayal of a people determined to reclaim their destiny despite incredible odds. Whether it be through interviews with veterans, soldiers, politicians or activists – no stone has been left unturned in telling this powerful story.

As much as it is an ode to those who have fought gallantly against oppression, Freedom’s Voices also serves as a reminder that liberty needs constant vigilance if it is to survive. It is a poignant piece of work that will stay with viewers long after they’ve watched it. So take this opportunity to watch how ordinary men and women dared to stand up against tyranny and bring about a better future for their descendants –get ready for an inspiring journey like no other!

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David B