Indian dream wedding in Kerala

Jul 25, 2023 | Culture, Love, Travel, Videos

Pratheesh is a charming Indian programmer who has lived in Germany for seven years. He works at Bosch and has found a second family in his former hippie housemates, Georg and Hiltrud. Despite his friends’ general aversion to marriage, Pratheesh makes a shocking announcement: he’s getting married to his great love, Anu.
Intrigued by Pratheesh’s journey, the documentary crew follows him as he embarks on a journey to Kerala, India for his traditional Hindu wedding. Along the way, the film explores themes of love, culture, and familial bonds. Viewers are treated to stunning visuals of India’s rich history and tradition, and are introduced to a vast array of colorful and interesting characters. From the spicy aromatic dishes of Kerala’s cuisine to the stunning landscapes and wildlife, this documentary offers a breathtaking glimpse into Pratheesh’s life and his undying commitment to love and friendship.

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David B