India: Anti-Muslim hate music

Aug 1, 2023 | Activism, Culture, Music, Videos


In recent years, Hindutva pop has become increasingly popular in India. What started as a cultural movement has turned into a tool for political propaganda. At the center of this rise is Sandeep Acharya. He is a popular musician who belongs to India’s Hindutva music scene. Millions of users stream his songs online, and thousands of fans attend his concerts.
However, the spread of Hindutva pop has also been accompanied by a rise in Islamophobia in India. The music that targets India’s Muslim minority has become a rallying call for Hindu groups in the country. Some songs have even sparked violence and riots. Our documentary delves into the cultural, social and political significance of Hindutva pop and Sandeep Acharya’s growing influence in this music scene.

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David B