In the Darkroom with Steve Sabella

Jun 30, 2022 | People, Videos

In the Darkroom with Steve Sabella is a narrative film concerning Sabella and his work, along with Nadia Johanne Kabalan, was chosen for the best documentary in 2014 by Berlin Independent Film Festival and Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival.

Three other movies were made by Ikono TV involving Sabella’s work, included him as the Artist of the Month on IkonoMENASA in May 2011 and again in January 2013. In 2007 Eyes Infinite Films created two documentaries Kan Yama Kan and Jerusalem in Exile on his arrangement of the same titles. Sabella is vocal about the social and political builds that farthest point singular view of flexibility and office. In his 2012 TEDx Talk “Set out to Question My Name or Where I Come From”, he recounted the account of his abducting in Gaza in 2005 that impacted his impression of personality and marks.

During the war on Gaza in 2014, he released the statement of empowerment “A Declaration of Independence” which stated, “From this day onward, I declare that I am a citizen of planet earth and beyond. I am from everywhere and nowhere. No geography or culture defines me. I represent myself and my views only. I am not an ambassador of any country, not even the one of my birth, Palestine. I have uprooted myself and choose to plant my roots in the air, to always remain in transition. Free.”

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Riyan H.