In Debt We Trust

Feb 24, 2024 | Economics, Videos

In Debt We Trust is a documentary that explores how consumer debt has become the driving force behind America’s economy. It reveals how the mall, big banks and credit card companies have essentially bought our Congress in order to drive us into a form of modern serfdom.

The US is currently trillions of dollars in debt – both consumer debt and national debt – with much of it owed to big banks. This has been likened by one top government official to Rome before its fall, suggesting that a bubble could burst at any moment. Former prosecutor Daniel Frawley further contends that many of these loans are even worse than mafia loan-sharking practices, while ex-credit card executive Heather Russell explains how advertising campaigns are deliberately deceptive and misleading.

It doesn’t end there either: real estate expert Robert Kiyosaki reports that tens of billions of dollars are being transferred from the pockets of the poor into vaults of big banks who use front groups and subsidiaries to conceal their involvement with exploitative loans carrying hefty interest rates.

Debt We Trust provides viewers with an informative look at the effects that consumer debt has had on America’s society and economy. By seeing firsthand testimonies from experts across multiple fields, this documentary offers insight into an issue that affects everyone regardless of income or class. And most importantly, it prompts us to consider what solutions we can come up with as a nation moving forward in order to protect ourselves against economic adversity. So if you’re looking for an engaging documentary on an important topic, then In Debt We Trust is definitely worth watching!

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David B