Imprisoned children in Turkey

Nov 6, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Two-year-old Miraz lives with his mother in a Turkish prison. His mother is a Kurdish activist who was sentenced for “terrorist propaganda.” He spends his weekends with his father, who does what he can to give Miraz a normal life. But life behind bars takes its toll on children, traumatizing and leaving them anxious. In Turkey, government supporters argue that women deliberately seek out this fate to boost anti-Erdogan sentiment.
Over 700 children, imprisoned with their mothers, face the same fate as Miraz. In the last two years, the Turkish government jailed over 160,000 people as part of a purge. The human rights organizations have documented the cycle of trauma that this kind of imprisonment inflicts on children. They need care and attention, but instead, they are forced to fend for themselves in cells. They need a voice, and that voice is captured in the documentary that tells their story.

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David B